October 3, 2011

First Menu Plan Monday of October

Our new floors go in today.  I cannot tell you how excited I am that the turmoil the house has been in for the past two weeks is nearly over.  I posted to facebook that I’m not sure I can withstand a major home improvement project.    Two weeks of disorder has given me a near meltdown.

However, it has left room and time to organize some other parts of the house.  Thanks to a small washer issue (we have a front loader and the drain got clogged with the detritus from our pockets.  We unclogged the drain, but put the plug back in wrong and flooded the laundry room and part of the kitchen.  Thank goodness for ceramic tile.  Big Daddy and I spent Saturday night scrubbing every inch of the laundry room and educating the Princess on the proper laundry room sweeping techniques*) and I’m pretty sure you can eat off of every surface.


I also organized our pantry…

and the spice cabinet….


…and the arts and crafts drawer and cabinet.

I think this might be launching me into a full house purge/clean/reorganize.  I’ll let you know.  I might peter out first.  ;)

The little girls and I are going to be as sparse as possible around the house today as the floorers do their job, but I made sure I made time to write out the menu plan..



Baked Potato Soup (a carry over from last week)


Unstuffed Pepper Bake (a carry over from our Once a Month Session done in August)


Garlic Cheddar Chicken and Briami (hey!  It’s been a while!  I know I sand the praises of this dinner int he spring, but I want to do it again.  You could use any combination of veggies (I may add carrots this time and reduce the amount of potatoes), but it’s warm, hearty and filling)


Leftover Chicken and Sausage Penne from our last Once a Month session


Smoked Pizzas.

Big Daddy and I have found that while slow roasted meats like pork shoulders and brisket are AMAZING, there are many shorter smoking time meals we can enjoy on week nights.  Burgers are a favorite as is chicken but smoked pizza is not to overlooked, if you have a smoker.


Big Daddy, the Girlies and I are heading out for some Autumn fun and will probably have dinner out.


Perfect Pot Roast? We’ll try and see.

We’ll be working on our first set of Once a Month meals next week.  I’m not sure that cooking in smaller batches saved us much money, BUT it did save us a lot of time and keep us from eating out on nights when time was short, so I think it did save us money, from that perspective.

*The Princess is responsible for cleaning the litter box and sweeping the laundry room.  Her sweeping has been lacking and when the washer flooded the laundry room we ended up with kitty litter stew all over the laundry room floor.  Super fun Saturday night!

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