October 18, 2011

How to Impress Your Family on Sunday Morning in about Thirty Minutes!

While I have tons of Pinterest projects floating around here in various stages on completion, this is my first post for the 52 weeks of Pinterest challenge in a few weeks.


Renovations! (yes, I’m still blaming things on my gorgeous floor, but it’s so pretty it can take a little criticism).

Today, I’d like you to consider the Hootenanny (an oven pancake or volcano pancake). Why? 1) Because it’s fun to say 2) Because in 30 minutes you’ll have REALLY impressed your kids. It doesn’t take a lot of time or fussing. And it tastes really REALLY good (I stir in a little bit of vanilla and sugar to the batter and dust it with powdered sugar).

And, you know, kids like to say hootenanny too.

I was asked, recently, what things I do to make my home run smoothly. I didn’t tell them that it doesn’t always, but that’s one thing. And, of course, I told them that I prioritize, which I do, but part of it is finding simple projects and recipes and ideas that are easy to produce.

In just a few minutes on Sunday morning, while the coffee is brewing and Big Daddy is moving around the kitchen with me, I mix up the batter in the Kitchen Aid.  Big Daddy fries up some bacon and I make the coffee.  The kids are bleary eyed and cuddled on the couches watching t.v.  And then, after thirty minutes of warm and happiness THIS comes out of the oven.

And it impresses the children.

And it was super easy and you still look like a rock star.

I do want to be sure I disclose, that while I took the original idea of making a hootenanny for breakfast from Pinterest, this pin in fact…



I didn’t trust the recipe and did some googling before making THIS hootenanny, which Ive also seen floating around Pinterest.

I’m linking up with Dutch Being Me and her 52 weeks of Pinterest Challenge.  What to see what other people are actually MAKING (and not just pinning).  Check our out.

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3 thoughts on “How to Impress Your Family on Sunday Morning in about Thirty Minutes!

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    I’m so glad you posted about THIS recipe because I have it pinned to my boards, too, and have been wondering whether it was worth trying. Look forward to seeing more of your posts!

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      It’s very good! I do add a little bit of sugar and vanilla to mine and then we can skip the syrup.

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      Thanks for stopping by Sheryl! My kids loved it and Littlebit wakes up asking for it ever now and then. Well worth the little bit of effort.

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