October 17, 2011

I’m running out of ideas for inventive titles for Menu Plan Monday

There are 75 days between now and the end of the year and only 69 (! ahem*) days until Christmas.  I don’t point that out to make you feel stressed, but only to point out there are only 10 more menu plan Mondays for 2011!


Really, don’t be stressed.

But I’ve already bought four Christmas presents.

But no stress.

And now hate mail, mmkay?

I’m happy to accounce that last week we ate the LAST meal from our August Once a Month (or, really batch) cooking.  I’m not sure why it took us so long.  Wel, that’s not true.  I do.

True Once a Month cooking would never really work for us.  It’s not because it’s not a fantastic concept, but because Big Daddy and I like to play a little more on the fly when it comes to menu planning.  It means that, on Thursday, if I get a taste for chowder, we’re having chowder.  No matter how many meals are waiting in the fridge.

BUT, some things about OAMC cooking really is great.  We all loved having some pre-made breakfast and lunch options to change up what really become mundane meals.  AND, it means on busy nights, cooking is pretty easy.  Just remove dinner from the freezer the night before and reheat.  Easy peasy.  That convenience also keeps us from eating out which is why I’m going to stock up the freezer again.  Not because I “cook for a day and eat for a month” but because it keeps us on the straight and narrow (and out of the drive thru line).

The reason I worte all of that out is because this weeks menu will be pulled (and doubled for later eating) from the fabulous Once a Month Mom website. I’ll be honest.  I don’t look for my own OAMC recipes anymore.  Tricia offers FIVE different monthly plan and I”m sure to find enough we like over there.


Chicken Parmesan Meatloaf, and scalloped tomatoes


Salsa chicken over rice with veggies (We’ve made this dish in the past and it’s very good.  I serve it over rice as noted above, but you can eat them in Tacos or as a sammie, if you’d choose)


Meatballs and gravy with crash hot potatoes and veggies


Chicken and stuffing bake, cranberry sauce and veggies


I plan to either eat something cooked by my Daddy OR cooked over a campfire


Fabulous brew food with some great friends.


Sausage Potato Casserole with corn bread

This week, I will also be making a batch Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice soup to stick int he freezer in individual portions to be eaten for lunches. I’ll be making up Early Morning Power Pitas for breakfast

* did you need further proof that I’m really a 12 year old boy??

**whenever possible, I substitute healthier options into our meals.  Ground turkey instead of ground beef.  2% cheese instead of whole milk cheese, light sour cream, etc.  I’m pretty picky about taste and these small substitutions do make a difference as far as fat and calories go without it making much difference in regards to taste.


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