October 19, 2011


By the time the end of February rolls around, I’ll be done with the extra stuff sitting around the house and I’ll put away all the doodads and things will be clean again. Simple. Like i like it most of the time, but Autumn rolls around, I can’t help myself. I have to decorate. Extra. More stuff! Pumpkins! Orange! Garlands! Candles!

(I think it’s time for a new centerpiece.  Something bigger)

(The pumpkin is going as Minnie Pearl for Halloween)

Sadly, this doesn’t really show the size or scale of this.  The glass vases are about two feet high.  I’d show you the whole top of the entertainment center, but it’s currently being used to hold puzzles and lunch.


We’ve been using those silk mums for a few years.  I still like them okay, but I have a seasonal decorating budget and since I bought two vases and two lanterns.  Well, it’s silk mums for another year.


They don’t look terrible, actually.

And these year’s new fall crafty item dujor…the burlap wreath


I used leaves the girls and I collected and decoupaged them onto a papier mache letter.

I need to find something to cover the floral wire with.  I wasn’t sure how else to attach the letter to the wreath.  I’m also considering making some rustic, fabric flowers to add as well.  What do you think?  Like these?

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    Ahhhh, your pictures are pure eye candy. Love the fall feel of them.

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