October 25, 2011

My Favorite Songs to Add to Your Little One’s Sleepy Time Playlist

Tonight, I was making lemonade.  As I do every other night.  Big Daddy and I trade off because you can get tired of lemonade even under the best of circumstances.  Tonight, I was holding on to Baby Bee as she was trying to not fall asleep and I was enjoying the Playlist we use for the little girls overnight.

Some of the songs I don’t love (but they do) but some of them are wonderful songs and if you have a sleepy time playlist for your little ones, maybe you’d like these new additions.

1) Seasons of Love-Rent

When Littlebit was small and could hardly speak a word, she still loved to sing and when this song came on in the car, she’d throw back her head and sing the only world she could at the top of her lungs.


Plus, I like the idea of measuring my life in love.

2) Ma Belle Evangeline-Sung by Jim Cummings and featured in Disney’s The Princess and the Frog

I’m serious when I saw that if I were to ever to have another daughter (I won’t) I’d name her Evangeline.

3) Stars Fell on Alabama-Jimmy Buffet

It’s pretty and slow and sweet and swingy and makes for a great sleepy time song.  It even has stars in the title and I think dreaming of beaches and magnolias would be just about perfect.

4) Blackbird by Sarah McLachlan

Because sleepy times songs shouldn’t have to suck or be tinny renditions of Twinkle Twinkle.

5) A Kiss To Build a Dream On-Louis Armstrong

Another sweet, soft, swingy song.

6) Constellations by Jack Johnson

LIttlebit was born to the album that Constellations appears on.  I love the imagery in Jack Johnson’s music so much and this song FEELS like the end of the day (Yes, I know what the lyrics are about).

What songs make your little one’s bedtime playlists?  We’re always looking to add more songs because we spend a lot of time making lemonade and new songs are always welcomed.



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5 thoughts on “My Favorite Songs to Add to Your Little One’s Sleepy Time Playlist

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    OMG. I LOVE Evangeline. It’s on my “in case of another baby girl” list.

    My baby is too much of a punk rocker. She listens to stuff like Lucky Boys Confusion that some people would scream was highly inappropriate for little girls.

    I’m probably not the right person to suggest music…

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    We’re pretty liberal ( ;) ) about music, too. I do draw the line at the kids singing along to stuff like “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy”.

    Littlebit is pretty eclectic about her music. She loves everything from Rage Against The Machine (one of her favorite songs used to be “Killing In The Name”) to Taylor Swift, and Disney music. Love watching that girl jam in the back seat!

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    Excellent! Ellie Belle is little enough that she kind of pushes all the words together and slurs them up into her own words when they get too tricky, anyway. So she’s not singing anything inappropriate. :)

    Her other favorite these days is Crazy Train. What can I say? My kid’s got good taste! :)

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    We’re expecting our first little and a playlist for sleep time wasn’t even on the radar until I read this. I love just the idea of doing something like this!

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      We’re music lovers and this playlist as a must have. Congratulations on you little one!

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