November 7, 2011

Super Simple Halloween

Yeah, I know it was last week, but I’ve had 99 problems.  Halloween here was cold and rainy and then I got a migraine.

See.  99 problems.  Minimally.

THe Saturday prior, I decided we’d host a HUGE Halloween party.  And by huge, I mean invitations to about 60 people.  Not sure what I was thinking, but there you go.  We ended up with just about 40 people dropping in for parts of the evening.  Big Daddy smoked meat and I made my favorite big gathering sides..

I spoke a couple of weeks ago about part of the key to pulling off awesome things, is finding simple to execute things that don’t take much time.  Things are still homemade, but it allows you to put forth the effort without draining yourself of time.

It’s why we made spooky eyeball doughnuts

And a pumpkin cake…

and why big Daddy dressed up as Gru…

striking resemblance, don’t you think?


I’m currently on the look out for a similar types of Thanksgiving and Christmas ideas.


Hey, I found those eyeballs and that pumpkin cake on Pinterest SO I’m linking up with Dutch Being ME’s Pinterest Challenge, again. Be sure to check out her site for more inspiration!

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