March 28, 2012

Mason Jar Wall Vases

I love Pinterest.  Really.  I know that a lot of people are concerned about copyright infringement, etc, but…um…I’m not.  (I probably should be, but I just can’t worry about everything and it’s tornado season).  I don’t want to get into a 5000 word essay on why I love it.  I just do.

One thing, I try to do is make sure I’m doing more than just pinning.  Not because it makes me feel superior, but because isn’t the point of it all to find things (recipes, crafts, decor, clothes, etc) that you like and actually want to make?

For me?  Yes.  It’s more than just eye-candy. Sunday, I leaked this picture on my facebook page


This super easy project is, of course, a Pinterest find.


The project cost me about three dollars, which was what it cost for me to buy a small, inexpensive silver toned curtain rod so I could get the silver brackets. I had gold at home that i could have re-used, but I wanted silver specifically. I had the mason jars (thanks Dad!) and I used paper wrapped wire to hang the jars (which I already had on hand). I think using the thin gauge metal wire the original pin used would have made the project easier, but I liked the look of my paper wrapped wire better.

I wish the lighting was better in the powder room. It’s a small, interior room and the lighting is sub par.

For now, I’ve been putting fresh flowers in my vases, but in the fall and winter, I could switch to pine cones or candles to warm things up.  These vases would aslo be cute used as storage for toothbrushes, hairbrushes (not together!) or make up brushes if you need storage and not just decor.  The original link also opted to use a recycled jar from spaghetti sauce, which is a great (and cheap) option as well.

Lastly, the jars are very easy to take down, wash and refill.

What have you been creating lately?

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    Looks great! I love it.

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