April 14, 2012

Family Movie Night-Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

When I was a very little girl, my Grandma took me to the movies to see Snow White. The witch scared me so much it took me 25 years to get over it. I’m still not a fan, but that didn’t stop me from picking Walt Disney’s Snow White for our family movie night.

Want to recreate the fun at home? Here’s what we did:

Snow White’s Dwarf Sized Roast Beef Sammies and Happy’s Honey Glazed Carrots


The Evil Queen’s Special Apple Turnovers

Did I take pictures?  No.  They’re the mountain dew sauce ones and they’re not only super easy to make but so good you’ll want to push the evil queen off the mountain yourself to get at her apples.


Thanks to Make and Takes, we also made these adorable pipe cleaner and pony bead tiaras!

I used some pipe cleaners we had at home and they really had trouble keeping their shape.  We braided two together, tightly, but to keep them on the girls heads we had to use bobby pins.

Family movies night doesn’t have to be hard to put together or super involved.  Big Daddy was out of town so the girlies and i had a great big girlie fest on Sunday night.  With gas prices sky rocketing, we’re going to be working on making more fun at home.   You can also check out previous Family Movie Night ideas here.

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