April 18, 2012


This winter was difficult on us.  Before our playroom Christmas tree came down, we had to say goodbye to two long standing, well loved members of our family.  Shelby passed away in early December and Jack left us in early January. Our surviving cat, Angus, has been lonely with their absence and I told Big Daddy that I thought we may need to get another cat for Angus’ sake.

Angus is a social cat.  When he came to live with us, he came to a house with a cat and a dog and he came with his sister.  His sister passed away in 2007 and Angus latched on to Shelby and Jack.  With their loss, he seemed needy.  A little lost and very clingy.

At the end of a cold, lonely litter, a stray cat my aunt took in was due to deliver kittens.  We were there when the first two were born (though I can’t say if one was Luna or not).

We fell in love.  Of course we did. They’re kittens.  Big Daddy slowly came around to the idea that we’d be getting another cat and a little over two weeks ago we brought Luna home.

Named for Luna Lovegood, of course.  The character was brave, sweet, loyal and a bit eccentric.  Just the sort of qualities i like in a cat.  There are things about her that harken back a bit to Shelby.  The way she curls up when she sleeps and the way the black of her fur parts over the white on her face.  Just a little.  Just enough.

It’s interesting to have a kitten again. It’s fun.  It’s a little nerve wracking because Baby Bee insists on stealthily picking her up and running with her. And holding her by her neck, which means lots of time outs.  Angus grooms her with her vigor and lets her nurse.  That’s a little weird, but he owes someone as he did the same thing to Jack when he was a kitten.  Luna, of course, loves Big Daddy the most.  He’s indifferent to her and she can’t get enough of him.

Shelby passed away from mammary cancer.  Mammary cancer will kill many female cats who were spayed after 6 months of age.  Shelby was an only, indoor cat and we didn’t see the reason to spay her.  She was spayed at age 2.  A tiny misstep that might have made all the difference.  We won’t make that mistake again.

Luna, 8 weeks old.



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    so happy for Luna and her new forever family who loves her as much as we do<3

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    So sorry for your losses. It’s been 10 years ago, but we were devastated when we lost our 14-year-old golden retriever, Katie. She was such an awesome dog! We now have a 10 year old black lab named Shelby. We also had two cats, Lucy & Daisy. Lucy died about a year ago and Daisy really, really misses her. They weren’t “friends” but they must have had some sort of weird relationship because Daisy definitely misses her. Fortunately she and the dog were friends so that helped.

    It’s really hard losing pets. Much harder than you would think. Congratulations on the new kitten and lucky for you that Angus accepted her. When we brought Daisy home (Lucy was 1-1/2), Lucy never adjusted. I think Lucy was meant to be an only cat.

    Sorry for the rambling. I just remember how hard it is.

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      Angus and Shelby were NOT friends. Shelby detested him, but he craves the companionship. He was actually much closer to Jack, so it was a rough season for our Angus Boy too. Angus continues to be a wonderful “mama” cat.

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