April 16, 2012

Pancetta and Asparagus Hash

Spring means asparagus.

Well, it means more than that, but if you’re an asparagus fan, spring means cheap, fresh asparagus shows up at the grocery store and if you’re like us you’re taking advantage of that and eating it as often as possible.

We’ve branched out from our usual ways of eating asparagus and now enjoy it grilled, sauteed and roasted, but when I saw this gorgeous recipe show up on Pinterest I knew I had to make it.

Source: smittenkitchen.com via Jamie on Pinterest




It was so good. Soooo good. Despite the fact that my pancetta was slightly salty (and a real PITA to chunk up. I thought I’d be a good foodie and buy a nice hunk at the foodie grocery store and chunk it up myself. Mistake. It’s SO hard to cut).

There’s just nothing about this recipe I dislike. NOTHING. You cook bacon. And then you cook potatoes in it until they get crunchy and brown and then? You add in asparagus.  And onions.

I think that they must serve this for brinner in heaven. I topped mine with a fried egg and called it good. It would make a great breakfast dish and really sets the bar a little higher as far as brinner fare goes.

Another one dish meal.  Are you catching that pattern?  Easy to make, delicious one skillet meals that are full of veggies and good things.  It does take a little more than 30 minutes to throw this lovely dish together, but that’s just because you want to give your potatoes time to brown and crisp and be everything potatoes can be.  You don’t want to deprive a potato of its true potential, do you?

The Menu Plan!

Monday Pancetta and Asparagus hash with eggs. (This ain’t your mama’s brinner)

Tuesday-We had to make a trip to the home improvement store.  I had barbecoa from Chipole and I’m not at all sorry that I didn’t cook.

Wednesday-Smoked chicken with roasted carrots and roasted brussel sprouts (a simple Ina Gartin recipe in both cases.  I haven’t had brussel sprouts in some time and didn’t like them as a child and thought I’d give it a try.  I still hate them, but I hate five very small ones to be a good example.  Littlebit LOVED them).

Thursday-Busy night at our house, so we’re having a very simple pot roast with carrots and roasted asparagus.

Friday-It’s the weekend, homies.  So, Big Daddy is smoking pizzas.  Have a smoker?  Haven’t smoked pizza? You should.  We are NOT making our own.  We’re buying ours from Aldi’s which seems to make a pretty good “take and bake” pizza for a fairly low price

Saturday-Beef Tenderloins were on sale at the store, so we’re having fillet mignon.   Sans bacon.  With grilled asparagus (it’s in SEASON) and Fauxtatoes.


What spring yummies are you cooking this week?



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