May 21, 2012

Another Week Sans Carbs AND the Menu Plan

This way of eating is easier than I expected. I’m not overly strict with it at this point and I know that as time goes on the little allowances I make for myself will have to dry up.

I’m now down 5.5 pounds for the month. Eating has been easy but it takes a lot more planning. I’m not just able to throw a quick batch of couscous together to complete our meal. We’re still experimenting with side dishes to find things that we love to take the place of our old favorites. I still haven’t ventured into cauliflower side dishes yet as neither Big Daddy nor I are fans, but I’ll swallow my dislike and give it a try. Like I did with the Brussel sprouts.

Monday Spaghetti sauce and turkey meatballs, salad

Tuesday Hot dogs (nitrate free, all natural beef) watermelon

Wednesday Grilled chicken, sweet potato fries and zucchini fritters (another failed attempt, but I’m getting there)

Thursday Pizza per the Princess’s request.  Since i allow one meal a week to be “free”, it was allowed and okay

Friday Date night!

Saturday Grilled burgers (sans buns) corn and sweet potato chips

Sunday Smoked chicken, corn on the cob and watermelon

I love that watermelon is becoming less expensive as it’s great at dinner.  The kids love it and Big Daddy and I are fans too.


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