May 14, 2012

But the Carbs! Think of the CARBS!–and the menu plan.

I have a confession to make.  We are (mostly) giving up carbs.

Did you die a little?  I know I did when I came to the realization that removing the vast majority of carbohydrates (and ALL super processed carbohydrates) was going to be what we needed to do for our weight control and our health.  I’ve know for  some time that this was going to be the path we needed to take, but up until now, I wasn’t really ready.  It was a big commitment, but last month I realized that losing carbs was the right path for us and Big Daddy and I gave up the majority of them two weeks ago.

My first weigh in found me four pounds down in a little over a week.  I haven’t been perfect, but I’ve been pretty good and I’m realizing that carbs and my body do NOT like each other.  Each of the times in the last two weeks that I’ve eaten a carb heavy meal (just two) I’ve gotten SO sick to my stomach.  Yuck.  Proof.

I tell you all of this not to encourage you to diet or diet like I am, but to explain why you’re going to be seeing a different slant to my recipes from now on.  I am doing a hybrid program that is mostly primal/paleo.  For explanations on how we’re eating around here now, you can check out for more information, recipes, message boards and all kinds of goodies.

This turned into some yummy egg muffins for breakfast. We'll ignore how badly the egg muffins stuck to the pan.

But for now?  Menu plan!

Monday Oven fried chicken, asparagus and green salad.

Tuesday Grilled pork tenderloin, zucchini “tots”  asparagus.  I omitted the breadcrumbs and added more cheese.  They were more like fitters and they were DELISH!

Wednesday-Sauteed talapia (grilled chicken for the kids), mashed rutabagas and a Trader Joe’s vegetable medley in sauce.  As a note, rutabagas take a LONG time to boil.  The aboce recipe suggests boiling for 40 minutes. I think closer to 90 minutes would do it and my rutabaga was cut fairly small.  Of course, your mileage will vary, but allow yourself plenty of time.

Thursday-Smoked sausage, broccoli with cheese sauce, salad (a little more processed than we’d normally eat, but sometimes mama needs a break)

Friday-Pizza with the kids (gut bomb.  Total gut bomb).

Saturday-Smoked pork chops, sesame asparagus and salad with yogurt ranch dressing

Sunday-Smoked ribs (this is the rub and sauce we use on most pork we smoke.  It’s very good.  VERY good), corn on the cob and mac and cheese (this was actually Mother’s Day dinner and we wouldn’t normally eat the mac and cheese.  It was a treat that is currently wrecking havoc on my gut)
Making the change from a meat, veggie and starch to meat and two veggie sides really hasn’t been hard.  I’m experimenting with different recipes to create side dishes that give us a carb-like feel without the carbs.  The mashed rutabaga is really so good (like a potato and an apple had a big ugly baby. It’s a little starchy and very very sweet) as are mashed turnips.  I’m looking forward to perfecting zucchini fritters

The best thing?  I feel good about serving (mostly) whole, nutritious foods to my family.  We’re going to be working on transitioning the girls to this way of eating as well (with a little more room for healthy, whole grain (high fiber) foods).

I’m looking forward to weighing in on Thursday.  For the first time maybe ever.

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    I’ve got a great mashed root veggie recipe to share with you (once I find the link). It’s so good (ok, so I will warn the recipe uses a lot of cream and butter, but I normally substitute skim milk and use a bit less butter). And a total hit at Thanksgiving. I need to incorporate this more in our daily diet.

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      Thanks for the link. I’m pretty sure we’d love it.

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