May 22, 2012

The State of the Estate-Week Two

Big Daddy and I put in some more work this weekend.  We’ll still not done.


Have I mentioned my great dislike for weeding?  If not, let it be now mentioned that I think weeding is a terrible job.  The landscaping in front of our house is weeding intense.

Our honeysuckle was much pretty a few days earlier...and it smells divine.

Thankfully, 3/4 of the main landscaping has been cleaned up and I think we’ll need two to three more bags of mulch to finish up that section.  It looks good and I’m glad the effort is turning into something pretty but sheesh.  I hate this.

Big Daddy also powerwashed the house and porch this past weekend, so things are clean, just like i like them.

We have company coming this weekend and it’s supposed to be VERY hot (for May.  In Ohio).  I’m also going to be out of flagstone very soon, and we’ll probably order a load after our company goes home.


Big Daddy, Littlebit, Baby Bee and I also got to use one of last year’s projects, our backyard fire pit, this past weekend.  The weather was perfect and after a long day of playing in the sun, the little girls were exhausted.

Littlebit is actually, 100% passed out, drooling everywhere sleeping in this picture.  I tried to prop her up on the chair next to her, but it wasn’t happening.  I can’t imagine what it must be like to be able to fall asleep that deeply while sitting like this.

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