May 15, 2012

The State of the Estate

Last week I got a bee in my bonnet.  I announced that I wanted nothing for Mother’s Day but labor.  Big Daddy is on a money saving initiative, so that suited him fine and the girls have no choice.  The yard needed some help.  Our lawn looks amazing.  Big Daddy and a lawn service has it looking green and lush and beautiful, but our front landscaping and raised garden beds looked terrible and I knew if we were going to do any gardening this year, we had to start making a move on the weeds right now.

Also, the garage was a nightmare, but that was over and done in two hours and with trips to the local charitable organization that collects stuff for resale and the recycling center.

After a stop at the greenhouse for vegetable plants and seeds we came home to begin to tend to our badly overgrown garden beds.  I wish I’d thought to take pictures of the root systems some of the weeds had.  They were like carrots, but not and were several inches around and six inches or more long.  You can’t pull those suckers out and we broke a ho (ha!  A hoe!) in the process (as well as made about seven thousand ho jokes).  But, after a long day of work, the garden beds were finally ready for planting which was slated for Sunday.

When Sunday dawned, we stopped at the home improvement center for plants.  I needed some herbs, a couple strawberry plants, a few small evergreen shrubs, a plant that I can’t identify despite spending two hours today trying to do it and a new centerpiece plant.  The ugly fountain?  It was going to be GONE!

The Princess and a neighbor started by removing all the flagstone, which proved to be the easiest part of the job.  We were then left with a foot deep, murky pit of water (and a dead frog and a LOT of worms which the turtle appreciated).  Big Daddy kept on wedding and I decided to recycle that flagstone into a low border.  I won’t have enough flagstone, but Big Daddy assures me that we can get enough for not a ton of money.

It's actually more even than the pictures seem to show.

Which is good because this?  Is pretty much the exact look I was hoping for (though a little short, but maybe a ton of flagstone would make another layer or two possible?)

Big Daddy and the Princess and I spent several hours removing the rocks from the watery grave that was the fountain.  We’re not done.  We gave up at 5:30 and came in to make dinner with none of our new plants in the ground.

That means a lot of work this week, but I’m excited to see the outcome.

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