June 28, 2012

Baby Bee’s Pretty Little Birthday Cake

The person who orginally pinned the idea I used to make Baby Bee’s birthday cake suggested that, perhaps, your time would be better spend elsewhere. Like playing with the birthday child. Maybe she was right. But as soon as I saw it I knew at least ONE of my girls would have to have it and since Baby Bee held the next birthday, she was the one that got it.

But, it really didn’t take that long with an enthusiastic twelve year old to help you and since my cake decorating skills are completely nil, I can saw that even the most beginning-est beginner could do this too.  I used a #21 wilton star tip and a very nice buttercream icing recipe (though, I’ll be working to see if any less sweet icings will stand up to this design as well, considering my dislike for buttercream).

But the cake?  Seriously you guys, this will be my new go-to white cake recipe.  I used the recipe posted at Recipe Girl and I will tell you that this cake is divine.  I was skeptical since it was based off a boxed cake mix, but it was moist and dense and baked up so lovely.

I made one small change.  Instead of using two tablespoons of vegetable oil I substituted two tablespoons of coconut oil.  It gave the cake the slightest coconut flavor and I found it fantastic.  Of course, if you don’t care for coconut, using the recommended vegetable or canola oil would probably work for you too.

Just an hour in the kitchen with bags of frosting while Baby Bee played happily at the table with her birthday presents is all it took.  Sometimes, those labors of love are worth it when something like this happens…

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    Happy birthday annie:)

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