June 11, 2012

I got a Fitbit AND the Menu Plan

Let me start off by saying that the last week or two has seen the low carb thing be a little bit difficult and I’m going to go right ahead and blame the Fitbit.  But, let me start at the beginning.

A little more than two weeks ago, Big Daddy and I decided to join the fad, bite the bullet and order Fitbits.  We knew that we needed to be more active and hoped (correctly!) that our competitive natures coupled with our love for geeky statistics would  find us motivated to be more active with the Fitbit strapped to us.

And it has!


I wear the little bugger clipped to my bra and you’ll find me peeking down my shirt a dozen times a day to see my progress.  The Fitbit and it’s neat little capabilities let me see a lot about my body.  It tells me about how many calories i’ve burned, how well I’ve slept and, even better,  how much time I’ve spent sitting on my ass. Which, let me tell you, can be eye opening.

However, the diet programs that interrogate with Fitbit count calories and don’t make carb counting as easy and, because of that, I’ve been eating more carbs and I’m putting the kibosh on that.  Now.  A friend of mine is having great weight loss success and I think she has the right idea, but it means I need to be more strict.

Let me say that I’m not affiliated in Fitbit in any way, but if you’re competitive and geeky and need some exercise/activity motivation, while the price is a bit steep it’s a great tool.

And now, on to the menu plan!


Smoked chicken thighs brined in a sweet tea brine, sauteed zucchini and caprese salad with avocado (I add just a hint of garlic powder and everyone loves it!)


Melt in your mouth chicken, mashed rutabaga (have you ever eaten them? It’s like a potato had an awesome, sweet, delicious baby!) and veggies with dip (I’m going to try mixing some french onion soup mix into greek yogurt)


Shrimp boil kebabs and watermelon (eating picnic style!)


Perhaps date night?  Auntie Awesome will confirm


Smoked Pizza (no, not low carb, but it’s okay)


On the fly as we’re never sure what we’ll get into


It’s Father’s Day!  I have the best Babydaddy ever.  <3  I don’t know what i”m making, but I’m pretty sure it will involve Guinness. 

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