June 18, 2012

Just Another Menu Plan

So the Fitbit? Nice little piece of motivating equipment.  Im writing this at 10 p.m. but I still need to find a way to get a few hundred more steps to hit my 10k goal.  The elliptical is feeling smug and I may climb on for 15 mintues just to hit my step goal.  Of course, I have three more flights of stairs to go, so I might get my last steps that way.

Big Daddy is getting out for a walk most mornings and I join him as many as I can.  Thanks to wearing Old Navy One Dollar Flip Flops when we moved two years ago, my plantar fascitis has a lot to say about how much and how comfortably I walk, so I walk a little less than Big Daddy.  As much as I dislike dragging myself up hills at 6:45, Im liking the way I feel, the weight loss and the inches I’ve said goodbye to.

Of course, things aren’t always perfect..

But, despite a few bobbles and date nights, we’re getting back on track and staying more aware, which is a great thing.

Before I get into the menu plan, I wanted to take a minute and give props to the dinner I made for Big Daddy yesterday.  I plated his beautifully and should have taken a picture, but the girls have been kind of whiny and impatient lately and by the time I remembered that I hadn’t taken a picture there were no picture worthy plates left.  Just happy tummies.  For a crock pot meal?  I’d totally serve it to guests.


But for now? The menu plan!

Monday Flat Iron Steak (Trader Joe’s!  So good), baked artichokes with garlic and lemon and corn on the cob.  Probably also some watermelon

Tuesday Spicy Honey Grilled Chicken, probably corn on the cob (the kids love it) and Tomato, Mozzarella and Avocado salad (a current favorite of everyone in the house)

Wednesday BBQ Sausage and Sweet Potatoes with mashed rutabagas on the side.  Have you tried mashed rutabagas yet? IF not, will you humor me?

Thursday Sausage and peppers with cut up veggies and greek yogurt dip (no buns, just peppers, sausage and onions)

Friday TBD

Saturday Having a small celebration in honor of Baby Bee’s Third Birthday.  I die people.  I die!

Sunday TBD

The temperatures here are going to rise up to the hot mark this week, so I’m looking to keep the house, the kitchen and myself cool.  I know I could use my crock pot to accomplish this, but I link crock pot food with cold weather and really never want to eat anything that I make in the crock pot over the summer.  What do you serve on hot summer nights?

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