June 26, 2012

Nothing like starting the week with a birthday AND the Menu Plan

Last year, we had an enormous birthday party for Baby Bee. It was, really, beyond what a two year old’s birthday party should be. I was glad we had it, really, but this year we opted for smaller.

A cake with my family in MI.

And a day out with the Birthday Girl topped off with a spaghetti dinner and a homemade cake for dessert.

And sparkler candles.

And lots of time being with our birthday girl. I love being able to be present. It’s something I struggle with and when I hit that stride, it’s the best feeling.

This week, Littlebit is in Michigan, spending the week with the family. She’s been so excited. We’ve had to countdown every day. I miss her (she’s my busy, loud child), but I’m making the most of just having my biggest and littlest girl around.

Monday We opted to have a spaghetti dinner for Baby Bee’s birthday.  She’s not a big eater, so it’s a guess what she’ll actually eat.  We just pick something and hope she likes it.  We also served broccoli with cheese sauce, which is another thing Baby Bee will usually eat.

And, yes, we topped it off with birthday cake (and I can’t wait to tell you about it!)

Tuesday After Monday’s carb load we’re going light today.  Grilled chicken brushetta and a huge, green salad with tons of veggies.

Wednesday Spicy Honey Chicken (a carryover from last week), baked parmesan tomatoes and more salad

Thursday Jerk Chicken Wings, corn on the cob and sliced tomatoes

Friday Smoked Pizza and Salad

Saturday TBD

Sunday TBD

The weather is getting to be more consistently hot, so I like to use the grill as much as I can to avoid heaitng up the whole house.  Be on the look out for lots of grilling recipes here in the next few weeks as we work our way trough the hotter days of summer.

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