June 1, 2012

Summer Bucket List-for Me, not the kiddies

There are only two more days left of school. The Princess and Littlebit will be done for the summer on Thursday.  I will have a Kindergartener (again) and a seventh grader for the very first time.

Really, the Princess hitting this age is starting to freak me out a little bit.  I remember kids in 7th and 8th grade doing it.  I didn’t think much about it at 12 except to think that I was pretty sure I wasn’t ready for that, but it’s a little frightening that the Princess is going to be that age where she starts to hear about people doing it who are her peers.  Thankfully, I’m pretty sure the Princess still thinks it is gross and hopefully she’ll continue to feel that way into her mid to late 20s.  That would be ideal.

But I’m really digressing.

In general, I dislike the idea of a “bucket list”.  I think the title is dumb, BUT it’s a title that most people recognize, so despite my distate for the title “bucket list”, without further ado, I give you

1) Read 20 books.  It’s a little ambitious as it’s nearly half my projected total for the year, but with less running around,  I think it’s possible

2) Two camping trips.  Honestly?  This one is for the family more than me as I’m not that into camping, but I think it’s a great experience and it doesn’t cost a ton of money.  I’d like to tell you that I have these wonderful, fond memories of camping with my parents, but I don’t.  They camped.  I stayed home and slept in the air conditioning with the t.v. on.  However, this hits my bucket list because, even though Big Daddy is a party to all my hairbrained schemes, the planning comes down to me

3) Join the YMCA and use the membership

4) Walk to Littlebit’s school and back with the wagon in less than an hour.  Yes, it’s only 3 miles, but it;s up hill both ways and I’m dead serious and not telling you a grandma tale.  On nice days, I’d like to be able to walk the girls to school, but that would mean pulling them in the wagon probably by myself.  It can be a little rough because of the steep hills and the weight of the wagon and the girls (which is easily a hundred pounds).

But, that doesn’t sound very fun.  Maybe I should also make a “Ways to Torture Myself This Summer” list.

5) Take ten, mostly technically perfect pictures.  No hot spots, no blurriness, no compensating for my errors in photo shop

6) Sew one new project every week.

7) Organize our photos and print at least two photo books.  Because our pictures are digital, we have no photo albums laying around.  I used to scrapbook, but I’m feeling very strongly that scrapbooking is in my past.  I want the girls to have hard copies of pictures to look at.

8) Go the playground once a week.  This should be easy, right?  But, in truth, I really dislike the playground.  Especially, the playground in super hot weather.  The kids love it so much and, really, if I went every week they’d probably be happy with a 30 minute trip.

9) Build something.  Or two things.  Or more. I’m thinking about..



Or both. This is where Big Daddy gets nervous. I’m scheming again.

10) Making sure to visit the community pool more than once. It’s close and inexpensive, but we’ve only visited a few times since we’ve moved. We enjoyed it and it’s a great way to cool off, not to mention loading me up with nostalgia.

What’s on your summer bucket list? For you?





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4 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List-for Me, not the kiddies

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    You are so ambitious! I made a list for our family today, so your post makes me feel good, because I did it, unlike the meal plan Mondays, which I often copy off of yours!
    I do have a section for the hubs that has camping, fishing and funnel cakes(thanks again) on it. The girls have lemonade stand, make a house for Bob-our cat, out of cardboard and unlimited tape and yarn, go to our garden, swimming lessons, Six Flags, Chuckie cheese, crafts, tennis lessons, singing with Dad, play ukulele, and movie.
    My list:
    farmer’s market on the square at least once
    work once a week at the CSA Four Friends Farm
    sew-at least one thing, those skirts are CUTE, and I have some vintage fabric from the free neighborhood junk days
    read-a few books, including parenting books
    make ice cream
    beach(hopefully instead of camping?)
    walk the dog(at least once a week?)
    grill vegetables all summer
    drive in movie
    celebrate 15 years <3 anniversary
    I wish you a very happy funner! Thanks for inspiring me!

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      Your funner sounds great, Jenny. I should have you come do some planning for me. ;)

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    love how u worked some activities that r pushing u some too , I will gladly do some walking with u all!!
    no camping………..i hate it…………

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      I’ll bring you an air mattress? I don’t rough it well, either, but I think communing with nature and sleeping on rocks is something all kids should do. ;)

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