June 12, 2012

Sweet, sweet funner

Funnel cakes for breakfast?  Just once a year, so why not?

Bowling with a tangerine colored ball that is light enough to carry, but too heavy to lift into the ramp that helps Baby Bee Bowl strikes (are you kids signed up for the kidsbowlfree.com program?  If not, WHY not?)

Wading into the lake where little fish swim around your feet and the big grass carp breech like Moby Dick and where the bullfrongs sing deep throated songs.

Trips to the zoo on the weekend with Daddy when the weather is warm but not too warm so the animals are out and awake and alert and where one sweet deer rests just off of the path and patiently accepts photo ops and pats (but, whom Baby Bee steers clear of, because she’s  heard things about deer, you know)

All of this and more.  The quiet turning of library book pages and a rain storm seen from the porch and little girls dancing out into cold rain and running back into the shelter of the porch roof.  Bent over the garden and fighting against weeds who threaten our baby plants and as many strawberries as we can eat.

And it’s just the first week!


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