June 19, 2012

Ten Things We Did in the Second Week of Funner

And you could do them too.  What’s making your summer to-do list this week?

1) We made an easy peasy tent

We spent a little more (I opted to buy on sale canvas from Joann’s) but you could make this sweet little tend for about $10 using this DIY tutorial from Cakies

2) We made wild thing crowns and had our very own wild rumpus.

You can make your own crowns using paper (we used scrapbook paper for fancy crowns) tape and these templates

3) We went swimming

4) ON a hot day when we were out of sorts, we went to the mall to walk, play and have soft pretzels

5) We went to Chuck E Cheese to console Littlebit when she didn’t get to spend the night with Auntie Awesome even though the Princess did get to.

As an aside, while I’m not a fan of Chuck E Cheese during crowded weekend birthday parties, the girls and I have a lot of fun visiting on summer afternoons.  We rarely eat there because I think it’s really over priced, but usually get drinks and tokens and play games for an hour or two.  It’s a nice, cool respite and something the kids enjoy and it earns you some mommy brownie points (“Hey kids!  If you clean the house, I’ll take you to Chuck E Cheese!”)

6) We got OUT of the house.

We’re trying hard to reduce screen time.  It’s not easy, but we’re trying.  While Big Daddy and I walk together on the week days, we try to get out to walk with the girls at least once on the weekend.  Walking around our town is fine, but I like walking tails too.  Baby Bee walked more than six thousand steps this day.  On her own.  In a dress.  And strawberry sandals.  She’s a champ.  Want to find a local park?  Check out Park Geek.

7) We went to the library.

If I haven’t gone off on a tangent about this topic before, I’m going to do so now.  If you have a local public library you should use it.  Especially during the summer months.  Even our small library offers weekly programs, story times and movie times in addition to the ability to check out books, movies, music, magazines and video games for free (as long as you return them on time).  Please, take your kids.

8) We went bowling.

Do you have an alley in your neighborhood that participates in the kids bowl free program?  Its worth checking out.  For $10/a kid (for shoe rentals) our girls can bowl two games a day for free, monday through friday for the entire summer.  Of course, I get suckered into buying drinks, but for a few dollars cost for two hours of entertainment? It’s so worth it.  Its easy and hassle free to sign up.  Big Daddy and I even bowled with the kids this week.

9)We played with our food.

So, I had to “free hand” the fish, but I think our underwater lunch scene turned out pretty cute.  I know people a lot more creative than I can turn food into amazing pieces of art, but I can’t and since my kids know that my creative endeavors in that field are limited, they’re happy with my efforts.  The little girls got M&M eyes on their fish, but due to her allergy, the Princess got a nice, big sweet cherry.

10) We loved all over our Daddy.

Big Daddy would like you to know that the picture hanging behind the house is perfectly straight.  It’s the couch cushions and the lamp shade that are crooked.  ;)


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