July 2, 2012

Summer is in full swing AND the menu plan

Its 9 a.m. and the little motivator says this:


We cut our walk short today because we woke up late, but my Nike app tells me that I logged my fastest mile today.  Go me!  I’ve been a bit unhappy this past week as the scale is stuck or going up.  I can contribute it to what I’ve been eating (too many carbs on Thursday and Friday and Saturday and Sunday) and with a holiday  looming ahead, I’m not confident that I’m going to see much improvement this week.


The good news is that whatever I’m doing is working.  I’m losing inches, but not yet losing pounds.  I’m certain I’ll get there, but waiting for your work to show up can be difficult.

How do you eat healthy during picnics, holidays and get togethers?  That’s a big stumbling block for me.  I’m working on formulating a plan to get through a cookout on Tuesday night and a picnic on Wednesday.

But for now…

Monday Skinnytaste’s Lighter Eggplant Parmesan with a green salad (lettuce from our garden!)

Tuesday We’re going to cook out at the neighbor’s house.  I’m making an ahead of time plan for what I’m going to eat.  Of course, I’m bringing a covered dish so I have a little control.  I’m going to make Summer Macaroni Salad (only 115 calories for a whole cup!) and the princess and I are going to make these, too.


Wednesday It’s the fourth of July! So, of course we have to have a picnic. We’re going to head over to the park and camp out on the lawn while we wait for fireworks. Big Daddy and I are going to smoke a pork shoulder and hopefully meet up with some friends and family for a picnic supper.

Thursday Grilled Chicken Brushcetta (a carry over from last week), Parmesan roasted tomatoes and more salad

Friday Smoked Pizzas

Saturday We may still have company in town, so we’re leaving this TBD

Sunday The Princess is off to Michigan for a week with my Dad!  To celebrate ;) (kidding.  We’ll miss her) I’m making shrimp.  The Princess doesn’t like shrimp at all but Littlebit does.  I’m cooking up Cilantro Lime Shrimp from Skinnytaste

Have a fantastic holiday week!

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