October 9, 2012

Christmas Card Picture Outtakes

So, it’s fall.  It’s a Saturday.  The weather is perfect.  I have two out of three Christmas outfits, so I find the third and we load the girls and Juno into the car and go on search of the picture that I’ll use on our Christmas cards this year.

Yes, I think that far advance.  Stay tuned to th end of the post and I’ll share why.

Big Daddy thought he knew a spot, so we left the girls and the puppy in the car while we went to scout and I found it to not be lacking so we unloaded the kids in the Christmas outfits and their dress shoes and made them hike.

Also, we didn’t put the gentle lead on the puppy and she was a total spaz.

It’s blurry.  Because three out of the four people in this picture can not be trusted to stop moving at any time!  Also, it was muddy and there was complaining.  And, then there’s Baby Bee who at three years and three months of age still refuses to sit still and have her darn tootin’ picture taken.

We also made the girls hike down an even bigger hill in their dress shoes and Big Daddy had to haul up Juno and the Princess and Littlebit at the same time.

I finally got a picture or two that would work.

It’s not this one.

And then we came home and I declared I needed a nap.  Baby Bee, however, says as if.

So, yeah.  The picture’s been taken and the cards have been ordered and no one is allowed to hate me.  I did it because Snapfish.com is offering 30% off between now and November 6th using the code fall2012.    It’s not an all site discount, but you can get your cards for 30% off, which worked for me. I’m all about saving money.


*P.S.  I have no affiliation with snap fish.  Except that I ordered my Christmas cards from them and they sent me a flier with a reusable coupon code.

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      It was exhausting. But, I got one lovely picture out of it, which is just what I needed.

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