October 8, 2012

Dog Shaming? And the Menu Plan!

Jack, otherwise known as Sasuage McDog, was always too big to dress up. Even dog costumes sized XL wouldn’t fit around Jack’s girthiness. But Juno? Well, she’s only six months old and weighs 37 pounds. Dog costumes fit on Juno.

She’s not that stoked about it, but she’s going to be a peacock. I’m super excited. She’s horrified. Such is life.

I’m planning on using the crock pot again this week. Doesn’t fall weather call for it? Plus, our days and evenings seem even more full this year.


Beer-Braised Chicken


All Day Crock Pot Delight


Slow cooker three envelope crock pot sliders This is a great recipe and really a family favorite. Everyone loves these little slider sammies. They’re delicious!


Slow cooker Bajio chicken . We’ll be eating this as tacos with some spanish rice.


pizza night!


Family movie night! Things are getting spooky around here, so check in next week for more ideas in how to incorporate some Halloween fun through the month of October.


Big Daddy’s World Famous (well, kind of) smoked chicken.

Remember, all my crock pot meals this week are being doubled and frozen for use later on in the month. I really encourage you to consider something similar. It really makes school nights a lot easier to not only use your crock pot, but to load extra meals into your freezer to make things more simple. And, I’m all about simple.



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