October 12, 2012

Family Movie Night-Monsters, Inc

We love family movie night.  The kids really look forward to it and get super excited.  Sometimes, we get new movies from the library or redbox or amazon, but I do try to use the movies we already have.  We own a lot of Disney movies that are classics and can be returned to time and time again.  It has the added benefit of knowing exactly what options you have for crafts and dinner.

I try to make a themed dinner, but sometimes?  I just name something we were going to have with a name coordinating to the movie and go for it.

This month, I’m working on doing some Halloween or spooky themed movie nights (of course, not too spooky) and I’m opening the whole thing up with Disney Pixar’s Monsters, Inc.  This has been a favorite of ours for years.  It’s even one that Big Daddy and I enjoy.  I decided since no food besides fruit loops figured into the movie that I’d have to wing dinner a little bit.

But, without further ado I give you Family Movie Night-Monsters, Inc edition.



James P Sullivan’s  screaming hot stew (yes, it’s our favorite Guinness beef stew recipe, but well, James P Sullivan sounded like an Irish name and Guiness is Irish and   it’s good and why the heck not?). 21


This is really one of the fun parts of family movie night.  Making a themed desert!  I did a search on monster cupcakes and say a LOT of ideas beyond our skill level, but this adorable idea from Family Fun seemed like something we could accomplish with a few modifications.

Source: family.go.com via Jamie on Pinterest


Of course, we baked our cupcakes and dyed our frosting Mike W. green, but here’s the changed we made to Disney’s recipe.  I think you’ll agree that our results are pretty good too (and did NOT require special ordering white, peanut free candy melts which is time consuming and a wee bit expensive NOR did it require making fondant because really?  I’m totally an over achiever, but even I am not going to make fondant for a dozen cupakes).

I sliced a large marshmallow in quarters for Mike’s eye (not length wise!  That won’t work).  We used a gummy life saver for Mike’s iris and used a chocolate chip for the pupil.

Mike’s mouth is an oreo cut in half.  It’s not quite as cute as Disney’s prototype, but it was less expensive and easier , so maybe that makes it better?



Well, let me be clear here.  This was my craft.  Usually, on family movie nights, I try to find a craft that all three girls can do or participate in, but this craft was mine.


The process really wasn’t very time consuming and I worked on it over the course of the evening before we watched our movie.. I made three puppets and three sets of all the little puppet parts (hats, bows, noses, eyes, mouths, hands) and a felt pouch for the monsters to return to after play so their parts would stay together.  The little monsters are very forgiving if you’re a poor hand sewist (I am), but they really are a perfect, non-spooky pre-halloween play thing.    And, a nice jumping off point if you like the felt quiet books, but aren’t up to the felt sewing and piecing.


Of course, our monsters had polka dots and glitter.

The girls loved their sort of spooky, monster laden Family Movie Night.

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