November 21, 2012

Last Minute Thanksgiving Activities

‘Twas the day before Thanksgiving

The kids are off school.

You’re cooking and baking like a deranged fool.

You realize, too late, that the kids are real bored.

And a million dollars wouldn’t be enough to entice you to the store.

So what should you? Something simple, here’s how.

Entertain your kids with what’s in your house (I know that’s a shoddy rhyme!)

Dinner at Grandma’s? Long hours at the table?

Collect these supplies and your kids will be able

to maybe sit quietly for a few minutes more

and remember, they require no trip to the store.


Shouldn’t every blogger make up a poem at least once a year?  No?  Too late.

We’re having Thanksgiving Dinner at Auntie Awesome’s this year.  The only thing we’re responsible for is a turkey.  While, to some of you, that might seem like an unreasonable amount of responsibility, I’ve never found making turkey to be that hard.  IN fact, I kind of don’t get why everyone freaks out about it.  I’m not Julia Child or anything, but a turkey is no more difficult than a roast chicken.  Stuff it and throw it in the oven until the timer pops up.  Easy peasy.  But, this post isn’t really about my confusion regarding the fear people have over cooking a turkey.  It’s about realizing, last minute, that you’re going to expect your kids to sit nicely at someone else’s dinner table for some time and OMG!  They need something to do!

Also, maybe you have some guilt that you’ve done no Thanksgiving themed crafts or anything.  Maybe that’s me.  Anyhow, thanks to the magic of the Internet, all you need to ensure some extra quiet time for your kids at the dinner table are crayons, a printer, some paper and the Internet.

Cross Cross Applesauce features three different Turkey color by numbers. I’m printing all three (easy for Baby Bee, more challenging for Littlebit and the Princess will have to do math to color in hers).  I’ll load up ziloc bags with the needed colors so I can distribute them to the kids.  If you’re not afraid to go to the store, a new box of crayons for each kiddos would be a nice touch.

1+1+1=1 has a great preschool level themed Thanksgiving pack. She includes matching games, letter and line tracing, counting and beginning reading.    I’m cutting out a matching game for the girls to play at the table as well.

If you have cardstock, this adorable Turkey in Disguise printable would be a great option for older kids.  I only mention cardstock because I think this guy probably needs to be printed on thicker paper since he requires folding.

If Grandma is a little less formal, a rousing game of Find the Turkey might be a good answer to blowing off some pre-dinner steam.

Paper dominos is another mostly quiet game and can be played by even young children.   This would be another printable that would go better on cardstock, but printing on paper would still be okay.

For the puzzle fans, you could print out Thanksgiving themed paper jigsaw puzzles. They come in three skill levels (easy, medium and hard) so you should be able to use them for a wide range of ages.


Lastly, after dinner, how about treating your family to a Thanksgiving Day Scavenger Hunt.




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