November 12, 2012

Short lived gall bladder–AND the menu plan!

Yes, after three and a half years of nursing along my angsty gall bladder, it’s finally coming out. Of course, it’s decided to spend the last three days acting up in spectacular fashion leaving me to yell in the direction of my stomach “I’m glad you’re leaving! JERK!”

The idea of having relief is actually keeping me from being too nervous about the surgery and the recovery. I’m hoping to be home before Littlebit gets off the school bus, but if I need a night in the hospital, Auntie Awesome is in control.

Auntie Awesome’s birthday was yesterday. I really don’t have words for the gratitude I have for her love and care. She’s taking Baby Bee on Friday for my surgery and all three girlies over night so I can recover without little people.

But, even though angsty gall bladder is exiting this week, we still have to eat. So, without further ado….

Monday Taco pizza and salad

Tuesday Bacon cheddar chicken rice bake

Wednesday I have heard that some people who have had their gallbladders removed can no longer eat fast food.  I know this isn’t a tragedy, but if it’s true for me, I’d miss french fries a lot.  So, we’re going out for french fries (essentially).  Just in case.

Thursday October fest stew

Friday Painkillers

Saturday Jello

Sunday Chicken noodle soup

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    I wish you very well so you can get back to your own awesomeness.

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