November 22, 2012


For the quiet mornings when Baby Bee has slept all night in her bed and I get to spend the few, precious moments waking up snuggled up with Big Daddy.

For the happy, snugly piles of girls who climb into our bed and find places to fit.

For Angus, who likes to sleep in the middle.

For the way Juno’s entire body wags when she’s happy.

For the way Luna’s purrs can fill even a noisy room.

For the way the grass sparkles when Jack Frost has covered the world in ice crystals.

For the way the cold, fresh air feels in my lungs and the delicious way it smells.

For the time spent standing at the back door looking at the dozens of birds that come to our feeders.

For the Princess offering to help.

For Littlebit singing instead of speaking.

For Baby Bee wanted to sleep in mama’s bed.

For a delicious warm sweater in my favorite color.

For warm socks and warm mugs of thick hot chocolate.

For dancing in the kitchen with Big Daddy as we cook meals together.

For the way the sun slants in through the windows.

For every single kiss, hug, snuggle and I love you.

For the trials and tribulation and happiness and joy and luck (good and bad) that has brought us to this very place.

For the feelings of hope towards the future.  For feeling as though things may be more than okay.

For the contended feeling when one of the children thanks me for the meal I’ve cooked without prompting.

For the family and friends we call family and the love.

For a trip to beach at least once a year.

For Eric and Emily and Cadence and Annika.

For Rich and Marie and Jake and Jolene.  And Amanda.  And my sweet baby niece to be.

For the windows that have been opened when the door has been closed.

For the additions that have come through loss.

For the blessings that deserving people have received

For Garry and Marg.  For Odie and Jo. For Aunts and Uncles and Cousins.

For the family I made when I married Big Daddy thirteen years ago.

For thirteen years with more good than bad.

For twelve years of being a mother to my trio of dreams made real.

For the sweet and the bitter.

For you. Of course, for you.


Happy happy Thanskgiving.




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