November 19, 2012

ZOMG! It’s Turkey Week! AND! The Menu Plan!

I’m writing form my very own land of counterpane.  I’m getting lots of love and attention from Big Daddy and the girls and Angus, the cat, who makes it his job to make sure I get lots of love and cuddles.

I’ll be posting a bit of an update tomorrow to give a little account of what it’s been like in case any others of you are going to be facing a similar surgery.

This week, I’m glad that I was able to stock up the freezer a little bit to make this week a little easier for Big Daddy. Most of these recipes will be repeats, but they’re meals YOU can double to stock up your freezer to get it ready for the busy weeks coming up.

Monday Asian crock pot chicken over rice

Tuesday French dip sammies with tater tots

Wednesday Chicken pot pie

Thursday We’re having a Thanksgiving feast.  Might I recommend some sourdough sausage apple stuffing for your Thanksgiving bird?

Friday Most of you will be having leftovers.  We may or may not be.

Saturday After a day of mass commercialism, Big Daddy, the girlies and I will be ordering local and supporting local small business. Can you do the same?

Sunday Chicken stuffed with Pesto, Ham and Fontina cheese with  Algio Olio

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