December 2, 2012

Christmas Decor on the Cheap

Big Daddy and I don’t fight. Does that surprise you? I think there are people who know us individually who would probably be surprised, because we both can be a little stubborn and argumentative, but with each other we’re not that way. Except for one thing.

We fight about money at Christmas time. My Mother told me we should NEVER fight about money, but I console myself with the fact that it’s the only thing we ever fight about it’s only once a year.

I’m not sure what it is. I think it’s the spending increases and Big Daddy’s stress increases and then MY stress increases because he starts messing with my idea about what Christmas is supposed to be and then we both feel awful and I cry and we kiss and make up and we don’t fight again until next year.

It’s an annual thing.

But this year, Big Daddy and I have managed to get on the same page and I don’t think we’re going to fight at all. It means, I have to be a bigger person a little bit and agreed to cut my decorating spending.  But, that doesn’t mean things can’t be pretty.   Here’s how I recycled some previously purchased Christmas ornaments and $6.50 worth of fresh pine Garland into something pretty.  And you can do it too.

My tablecloth is so wrinkly.  It’s a little embarrassing, but, well….I don’t iron unless it’s necessary and this table cloth is going to be in the laundry in about three minutes so it’s not worth it.  I have a really neat addition to these bulbs that the girls and I will be making and sharing this weekend and I’m super excited to show you the update.  This was inspired by a Pinterst idea, but my dining room lighting fixture didn’t allow for a similar arrangement and this is what I improvised.

That cut out of our last name was a great Pick Your Plum purchase from earlier this year.  The filled lantern was another Pinterest idea and those great lanterns were a Hobby Lobby purchase a few years ago.  I adore the Hobby Lobby for pieces like that.  That Santa is my Grandma’s.  He hung on her front porch for Christmas when I was little.  The Princess voted for the sea shells to come out of the vases to be replaced with pine cones, but I vetoed her.    Too much happiness in those vases for me to hide them for a month or more.

This is where the $6.50 worth of pine garland comes in.  They sell it fresh at Trader Joe’s!   It’s 20 feet for $6.50 and it’s enough to swag the three windows in my living room (I bought a second garland to frame the front door).  The thing I like the most about it is that it just sort of does what it does, all natural like.  It flips up the corner some, and hangs down a little in the middle.  I get a little anious about making sure things look properly fluffy and pretty and I like it when it just kind of does it by itself.

I’m a little sad that the colors are so off in this picture.  It really looks very pretty.  You may have to come over and see for yourself.

There’s the added bonus to it smelling amazing, which is nice since we  won’t have a real tree this year.

In thinking ahead, this year I’ll be buying MORE bulbs 90% off at the after Christmas sales, because I’m pretty sure my life won’t be complete until I make this…

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5 thoughts on “Christmas Decor on the Cheap

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    You and your family make me smile! I look forward to all of your blogs and this one touched my heart! Jeff and I sound so similar :) Xoxo

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    My cats destroy real trees – I absolutely love the idea of the swags! It looks lovely! I might have to look into that! Though we don’t have a trader joes :( Or a hobby lobby… I’m jealous!!!

    Also – I adore that bulb garland too… and I’ve seen some super cute bulb wreaths that would match it!! I might have to be watching for Christmas clearance this year too!!

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      We do have a Hobby Lobby that’s reasonably close, but Trader Joe’s is quite a drive. Still worth it.

      I’m majorly stocking up on clearance bulbs this year.

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