December 18, 2012

Indoor Gifts for Active Kids

When Littlebit became a toddler, became apparent that she was very different from the Princess. Littlebit was, and is, an active child. While she does sit and play quietly with dolls and figures and her doll house and while she loves to draw and cut and paste, Littlebit is active.

And Baby Bee surpasses her. Baby Bee walked at nine months old and has not stopped. She’s always climbing something, jumping on something or running somewhere. It’s just who she is.

By now, we own just about every out door active toy known to girldom. Scooters. Loittle Tykes cars. Tricycles. Wagons. Bikes. Roller skates. Balls of every shape and size. But, with winter bearing down on us it means we’re going to be spending more time in the house and I try, when Christmas rolls around, to find good toys that allow the girls to be active indoors.

All items featured will be available via Amazon Prime or other merchants who will guarantee Christmas delivery.  There’s nothing to disclose.  I get no kick backs from these links, these are simply items that we’ve used in our house and that our kids have enjoyed.

Step 2 Small Climbers

Our model is an older variety of this one.  It’s a very simple toy without a huge footprint that offers active play (climbing and sliding) as well as offering an imaginative bent.

Galt Trampoline

The sky is really the limit with indoor trampolines, but this one has served our house for the past five years and my kids aren’t easy on these sorts of toys.  It’s easy to assemble and priced well. It’s very sturdy and for that reason it finds itself on some of the best trampoline reviews – Our Top 5 favorite games wouldn’t be complete without the trampoline, I’m so thankful no body has ever gotten hurt on it.

Roller Coaster

Sadly, our model is no longer available and it’s really the one I want to reccomend to you.  It’s shorter track means it fits in a smaller room.  If you have a large finished space for your kiddos to play in, this is still a really fun choice, but if you’re house is smaller (and by small, I mean you don’t have at least 20 feet of consecutive space for the track and rolling) this may not be the best choice.

Bounce House

It’s only slightly crazy.  This little bounce house fits in our playroom (which is a finished room over our two car garage).    It would also fit just fine in a basement space as well.    An added bonus, is that it folds up into a sleeping bag sized sack when you’re done using it.

Indoor Swing

Baby Bee got this for Christmas last year and it’s one of the most loved toys in our house.  Even the Princess can’t resist it (but she learned why there’s a weight limit on it and why you shouldn’t swing if you exceed it).  Littlebit likes to climb on and swing for large parts of the day. Baby Bee needs a bit of a leg up and a push, but she loves it too.  Also, having a swing at home in the house erases some of the mommy guilt I feel for avoiding the playground on nice days. We can swing at home in all weather.  This pressure mounts to the inside of a standard sized door.

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    These are wonderful ideas! I wish my house was big enough to fit a bounce house it in… sometimes I go nuts from all of the charging through the house of my big kid and dog on a cold, rainy day, and a bouncy would be a great outlet!

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      The small scale houses are nice. I think we could fit it in our living room as well.

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