December 3, 2012

It’s December–AND the menu plan

We saw Santa.

Littlebit couldn’t contain herself.  She was so excited.  She couldn’t wait to see him and give him her list (a Hello Kitty Hat and a Cinderella Doll, so note to those of you buying for her!)  SHe answered a very emphatic yes when he asked if she’d been good, which is true.

Baby Bee showed Santa her bear and gave him a high five, which Santa said was just fine.

The Princess didn’t really pay Santa a visit this year.  She stood by because Baby Bee was nervous about it and gave Santa an answer when he asked what she wanted, but she didn’t care about seeing him this year.  The Princess will be 13 soon.  I know the time of Santa is over for her.  It’s sad.  I have a special letter I’m going to slip into her stocking on Christmas morning to mark the passing of the Princess for the enchanted to the part of the Magic Maker.

In my yearly quest to make sure we have the Best Christmas Season Ever™ I’ve planned lots of fun and activities and we’re running around here like we’re hopped up on some kind of fabulous Christmas uppers.  Because, really, isn’t that the point?  To whip the kids into a frenzy of Christmas activity so when the big day finally arrives they can’t contain themselves and someone is crying in the corner?

No.  Not that.

But, I really do try to pack in as much fun as we can. My biggest fear about the Christmas season is that we may miss something that’s extra super fun.  No one wants that.  Well, I don’t want that. Big Daddy assures me that no one but me will notice.  I’ve made my list of Christmas fun, checked it twice, cross referenced it, added it into my calendar and rolled up my sleeves.  But, we still have to eat, right?

Monday Baked Spaghetti with salad and Garlic Bread (I’m not making the sauce

Tuesday Macaroni and Cheese

Wednesday Chicken Taquitos

Thursday Chicken Gyros

Friday Pizza Night. Yummy!

Saturday Holiday Family Movie Night.  Stay tuned!

Sunday Cincinnati Chili (Big Daddy’s request)

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