December 1, 2012

My Favorite Off the Beaten Path Christmas Movies

I am a Christmas junkie.  It’s true!  I love it.  I love everything about it.  I love shopping, wrapping, decorating,baking and cooking.  There’s not one thing I don’t love about Christmas.  I love listening to Christmas music, I love reading Christmas books to myself and the kids and I love watching Christmas movies and Christmas cartoons and Christmas specials.  I LOVE it.

We’ve all watched the ubiquitous favorites; A Christmas Story (Classic), National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (Classic), The Santa Clause (Classic), but due to being a Christmas aficionado, I’d like to share my favorite Christmas movies that are a little less widely viewed and might be something that can be a new favorite for your family.


Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas

Jim Henson, perhaps at his finest, this is the tale of a mother and son Otter and a retelling, of sorts, of the Gift of the Magi.  The adorable puppets and catchy tunes make this timeless treasure a classic at my house.  Also, back in the day when HBO was cable, I remember snuggling up on the couch with my Mother and watching this at Christmas time.    The sweet nostalgia of it usually has me crying at some point or the other and I tend to sing the darn Bar-be-cue song for weeks afterwards.

You can buy it at for $7.24


The Snowman

Mostly wordless, this is the story of a magical snowman.  He comes to life and travels the world with a young boy in one night.  They end up at the North Pole (of course!) and meet Santa. Littlebit adores this movie and will watch it over and over and over and over and over.  I like the wordless story and how it gives your child an opportunity to determine what’s happening without being told.

It’s available at for $5.00


The Family Man

Starring Nicholas Cage this movie is my and Big Daddy’s Christmas tradition.  We’ve watched this movie every Christmas for the past decade.  For us, it speaks of the sweet gifts of family life.  And it’s very quotable  (I. Am. VICTORIOUS!)  Big Daddy and I curl up together on the couch at some point before Christmas and watch this, slowly savoring the joy in our busy life.

It’s available for $9.00 on instant video at Amazon OR you can buy it on DVD for $9.36


Holly and Hal Moose’s Uplifting Christmas

Okay, I know it’s really not more than a commercial for Build a Bear workshop, but Littlebit and Baby Bee ADORE this Christmas show.  It’s a bit more pricey than the others (14.99 for an Instant Video Version) and I don’t really love the computer animation, but it’s not really about me.  ;)  The kids adore the whole thing and sit enchanted from start to finish.  The story is about two moose who end up in sort of a black hole of sorts that shoots them out at the North Pole.  Hal, a moose, has always wanted to be a flying reindeer and he finally gets his chance.


And please, don’t forget the older classic holiday movies.  The Bishop’s Wife, Christmas in Connecticut, Holiday Inn, White Christmas and the original Miracle on 34th street are all excellent movies and worth considering for your Christmas movie library.

Do you have a a favorite, often overlooked Christmas movie?  I’d love to hear about it.

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