January 7, 2013

It’s Diet Monday AND the menu plan

I think maybe diet is an unfair word.

My years of dieting has taught me that it has to be something different than that. I cannot be, simply, a reduction of calories until your goal weight and then life as usual. It has to be something different.

This year, I need to drink more water. This year I need to exercise more. This year, I need to eat less garbage. Not just this year. Always.

Thankfully, due to gall bladder adjustments, I didn’t gain too much holiday weight. I start off 2013 how I spent the last quarter of 2012 (sadly, my gall bladder didn’t weigh 20 pounds).

I’m on the search for more healthy comfort foods and that’s what this week will feature.

Monday Roman Style Chicken over pasta with veggies

Tuesday Crock Pot Chicken with 40(!) cloves of garlic over smashed yukon gold potatoes

Wednesday Chicken with Orzo Pasta

Thursday Avocado Cream Cheese Chicken Puffs with Sweet Potato Fries

Friday Make your own pizza night!

Saturday Family Movie Night

Sunday White Chicken Enchiladas, spanish rice and corn.


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