January 20, 2013


A few weeks ago, I was in the shower. I do my best thinking in there. I realized that I was missing the mark here. I’ve always struggled with what to write and what direction I should go in. It becomes even more difficult when I realized I didn’t have a “niche”. I blog about my kids and am a Mom, but I don’t think I’m strictly a mommy blogger. I blog about food, but not enough to be a food blogger. I blog about crafts, but not enough to be a craft blogger. The list of things I blogged about but didn’t blog about enough to be considered in that genre was long. All My Loose Ends really did describe this blog and how I approached. It was a place to hold everything. All my interests and ideas.

When I married Big Daddy, I didn’t know anything about how to be a wife and mom. I didn’t know how to make a home. I had nothing but a vague idea of comfort and light and happiness and I’ve spent the last 13 and a half years trying to figure out how to bring that idea to fruition.


My mother was an impeccable housekeeper. The furniture was vacuumed every week. Her knickknacks were always dusted. The cob webs were always pulled down. She washed her drapes and blinds and linens on a schedule. She vacuumed the baseboard and would strip the wax from and rewax her floors. She would scrub the walls down in the entire house twice a year. But, when I married Big Daddy none of that rang true to me and while I knew I wanted a pretty house, finding my way was difficult and confusing.

In the shower, I realized that I did have a direction for this blog. That, the things I take the most joy in is finding a way to do it all.  How do I have time to read?  Well, it’s by finding simple, delicious recipes that don’t take a million hours, steps or ingredients.  It’s by finding techniques and routines that work to keep my house clean without having to devote my entire life to it.  It’s about finding order in our schedule with the girls to ensure that my time is maximized for all of our benefits. It’s about identifying where your effort makes the most sense.

It’s not hard to make the home you want for yourself and your family.  And, I’m going to help you along with way, by offering the best, simple ideas to get the most bang for your buck and your precious time.  I’m going to be honest about recipes.  If they work or not.  I’m going to be honest about time and money and spent.  You really can do it all, but it has to be simple.  I hope you enjoy.

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