January 3, 2013

Top Ten Favorite Recipes from 2012

In 2012, I finally embraced that cooking is something I love.  I’m not one of those people who are great at creating recipes, but there’s something so soothing about life in the kitchen.  I love how following a list of ingredients and instructions can make magic.  Fluffy rising bread and slowly thickening soups seem like something more mystical than they are.

There are some of my favorite magic makers for the year and I encourage you to give them a try.

Easy Creamy Chicken and Rice soup got a lot of time in our kitchen this year.  I really do try to cook with more whole ingredients, but sometimes you need something quick and hearty and this one is a favorite.  I make a double batch.

This Macaroni and cheese recipe has become my favorite, replacing the recipe in my tattered Betty Crocker cook book.

Slow cooker, three envelope crock pot sliders are a perfect cool weather meal. I’m really picky about crock pot recipes because I find so many of them are kind of sub par, but these are fantastic.

I made batches upon batches of these pumpkin chocolate chip muffins this fall.   Baby Bee couldn’t get enough of them.

We made this caprese salad with avocado to rave reviews on several occasions.  It was simple and delicious and I can’t wait for tomatoes to come into season so I can make it again.

Pancetta and asparagus hash is the perfect spring dish.

We all really liked Paula Deen’s baked spaghetti.  It’s ooey, gooey and delicious.

Okay, so this isn’t good for you, but this Smoked Sausage, Potato and Cheese casserole is quick and easy and everyone in my house likes it.

Big Daddy’s outrageously good smoked chicken is such a big favorite.  We can’t get enough of it.

White wedding cake is really the only white cake worth making yourself.  It’s THAT good.

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