January 2, 2013

Top Ten Posts from 2012

It’s the girls last day of Christmas vacation and I’m mixed with happiness and melancholy. We’ve had such a great two weeks off together, but I feel like it’s time for them to go back so my routines can return.

We’re taking down a lot of our Christmas things today and heading out to do something special, so enjoy this list of my ten favorite posts from last year.


In January, we had to say goodbye to our friend Jack and I tried to capture his happy essence and place in our family.

In March, I made Mason Jar Wall Vases and I’m still totally in love with them.¬† Over the Christmas season, I’ve filled them with holly and pine and am considering dropping in some tea lights to warm things up over the winter time.

In April, I wrote a letter to our girls about how to have a happy marriage.

In May, I talked about  being a mother and the girls growing as we had the last day of school

In June, our fabulous Baby Bee turned three and I knocked it out of the park with her birthday cake.

In July, Big Daddy and I celebrated our Thirteenth year of marriage.

In October, I wrote about my annual love affair with autumn.

In November, I wrote about being overcome.


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