February 9, 2013

Family Movie Night-Snow Day!

Do you remember when snow days were magical? A bonus day. Anything could happen, which is sort of the theme of the Nickelodeon movie from the early 00’s. After the holidays, I knew we needed to do something just a little special. Everyone seems to head into the doldrums a bit after the Christmas tree comes down and the magic in the house fades away. I knew the Princess would mutiny if we watched The Snowman again (though it may show up in a Family Movie Night to come) so after wracking my brain, I remembered the movie Snow Day which I hoped would appeal to at least two of the three.  And, I think it did.

No Family Movie Night is complete without themed fun and, in our house, that means a dinner, dessert and craft that goes along with the movie.  The recipe for the dinner to go along with this movie night couldn’t be more simple.  Snowman shaped pizza! Now, these things are making the round on Pinterest and I know that my snowman pizza only has a head and a body and not a top, bottom and a middle, but I a terrible at rolling out pizza dough.    Like, I’m lucky that these two are mostly the right shape.  However, I do want to give some kudos to my new french rolling pin which did make the job a lot more simple.

The sky is really the limit for these guys as far as toppings go, but I tried to keep in mind what I thought the kids would eat.  Getting fancy with toppings doesn’t take you very far if your kids pick everything off before they eat it.  And, may I also say that our light eater, Baby Bee, couldn’t get enough.  I can’t tell you how many pieces of pizza she ate that night.  A lot.  LIke, a week’s worth of calories, for her, in one sitting.  She’s asked for snowman pizza on more than one occasion since we made this, so it left an impression.

Family movie night also requires dessert.  I was mourning the loss of the plates of cookies we’d had sitting around the house for weeks.  Our house is FULL of cookie monsters.  We can’t get enough of them, so it made sense to make some snow man cookies.  I debated pulling out my snowman cookie cutters, but decided to make melted snowman cookies instead.  I used this recipe for no chill sugar cookie dough and I have to say it was really good.  I don’t know how it would up to cutting out more complicated shapes, but it managed the simple circles we cut without issue. I oped to half the recipe, and it made 15 tennis ball sized circles which were perfect for creating our melted snow men.
Now, here’s where that simplicity comes in.  I wanted to make cookie frosting for the cookies and realized I was out of everything I needed to make it. I didn’t even have the ingredients to make buttercream.  So, I did the next best thing.  I sent Big Daddy to the market for a container of frosting.

Making the faces and arms couldn’t be easier.  I opted to buy a bag of large marshmallows and used my kitchen scissors to cut each one in half.  For eyes, arms and noses we used small tubes of orange and black decorator gel (available in the baking aisle of your grocery store) and I pulled out lots of those leftover Christmas cookie sprinkles for buttons.  Baby Bee didn’t want to help, but LIttlebit and the Princess had a nice time making their snowmen.


And, they were as cute as they were tasty. But, not so cute we couldn’t eat them.  They were yummy!

Our last little bit of fun before the movie involved making Borox crystal snowflakes.  I’ll be honest, while easy this craft isn’t for the inpatient as the snowflakes must soak overnight for the crystals to form. I’m thinking this would be a super fun Valentine’s craft because the heart will be easy to shape from pipe cleaners.    Martha says you need all sorts of fancy supplies, but you don’t.  We had some fine gauge floral wire we used as the holders and I used pencils to dangle the snowflakes into the borox.  The instructions say not to let them touch and this is true, but if they do touch the sides of the pot or each other they can be easily pulled apart without damaging the snowflakes themselves.

If you’re more science minded, I’m sure there’s a science lesson in this, but Big Daddy was busy and he handles the Science.

The girls were excited to get up in the morning and see what their snowflakes looked like, so the family movie night fun lasted just a little longer than usual.



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