February 4, 2013

Menu Plan Monday-Back to those damn 99 problems

My laptop is dead. Second time in about a year. This time it’s out of warranty, so changes have to be made and I have to readjust and I hate change and right now I’m typing this from Big Daddy’s office on his stability ball chair and his natural keyboard. And, I keep typing the wrong things and I keep almost falling off of this darn ball so it’s clack, clack, WHOOPS, clack, clack WHOOPS!

Last year, an old “friend” on facebook told me that my “charmed” life was disgusting.  That I had no awareness, self or otherwise, about how hard the world is.  I try not to let him rent much space in my head.  I realize that a broken lap top and a stability ball is small in the scheme of things. I’m not that spoiled.

clack, clack, clack WHOOPS!

The past few weeks for Big Daddy and I seemed to revolve around money.  Have you had those seasons in your marriage?  We seem to.  A lot of little issues are coming to a head while we are fine it means Big Daddy is stressed, so I am stressed.  It means canceling our spring trip to South Carolina and eyeing our December 2013 trip to Disneyworld with worried suspicion.  We won’t be hungry or cold or homeless.  Just less comfortable while all the piled up little things work themselves out.

Our food budget is huge.  HUGE.  I’m sure Big Daddy has the specifics, but it’s a large point of our monthly expenditure.  One place where I feel as though I can and should pitch in as a stay at home mom is getting that food budget down.   It’s not easy.  The things that are the cheapest, tend to be food we won’t/can’t/shouldn’t eat and trying to give a nod to our desire to eat whole foods while balancing the seasonally higher costs of fruit and the overall costs of leaner meat.  The menu plan, for while, is going to be focusing on how to feed your family good, healthy, delicious dinners without wracking up a 1k a month grocery bill.

So, without further ado, the Menu Plan

Our local grocery store had roasting chickens on sale buy one get one free.  We bought four.  They were HUGE chickens.   One chicken was tucked into the freezer for smoking on a later date and I roasted three and pulled off the meat.  We ate for several meals off of those three chickens and I’m going to share what/how we did it.

Monday Easy Creamy Chicken and Rice Soup

Tuesday Baked Chicken Flautas

Wednesday Chicken Packets

Thursday Chicken and Oven baked orzo (I added a few cups of diced chicken to this recipe)

Friday  Puff pastry pizza.  Big Daddy and I had chicken, pesto and tomato while the girls had pepperoni.  Littlebit lamented that we weren’t getting pizza out, but I think our pizza was a LOT better.  One box of puff pastry dough will make two slightly smaller than cookie sheet sized pizzas.  Be sparing with your sauces!  The pizza WILL get soggy, but it is crazy delicious and, I must say, the dough is so much easier to roll than traditional pizza dough.  So.  Much.  Easier.

There’s enough chciken left over for one more meal.  We’ll have eaten six times for our $21 meat purchase.  Now, let me be clear.  I know there are bargain divas and coupon quens who would scoff at meat coming in at 3.50 a meal, but it is a big change for us.  How do you save money on your grocery bill?



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