February 5, 2013

Thirteen Years

Just after midnight on a snowy evening thirteen years ago, a Princess was born.


In her we learned our lessons.   They weren’t always easy.  She taught us how to sleep three to a bed and how to survive on little sleep.  She taught us how to do a million practical little things and a million impractical ones.

We both only ever wanted a family.  And she made us one.  We celebrated everything. She made that easy.

It’s not always been easy.  Oh,can she be contrary.  She can argue and argue and argue a little more.  She’s smart as a whip and a good student.  She always has been.

But, she’s magical.  She’s sweet. Her heart is soft.  She works hard.  She goes out the door and makes us proud.

She doesn’t get in trouble.  No, not our girl.  She follows the rules.  She plays it straight.  She toes the line.

She’s not always graceful in action or deeds, but she tries.  She angers quickly, but forgives mostly quickly.   SHe has last word syndrome. She has inherited some of our best and our worst.  But that’s okay.

Thirteen years have gone by so quickly.  In just a bit of a blink of an eye.  She’s not a baby now.  Nor a toddler.  Not a preschooler or even a little child.  In our house, we call her the big kid, but she’s a teenager.

In just a few years, she’ll venture forth and she’ll leave us behind a little bit.   Which is as it always should be.  We hope the roots and wings are enough and that she’ll flap hard when she leaps from the nest to do things without us.


Thirteen years have gone so fast.  Do you see how she’s grown? It feels just as quickly to me as the time it took you to scroll down this page.  Our girl.  More than half grown.


But, no matter what, Princess.  No matter how far you go or how far your wings strech you and your sistes can always land at home.


For every breath.  Every sigh. Every tear.  Every smile.  Ever second in the rocking chair.  For every step.  For every moment of your hand in ours.  For every hug and kiss and giggle.  For it all.  We love you.

Happy Birthday, Princess.


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