May 1, 2013

A New Month

Two and a half months ago I disappeared into the ether. It wasn’t because I was on a self imposed blogging break, but due to technology problems, I wasn’t able to spend one more second trying to blog on Big Daddy’s stability ball.

While we love technology, we must have been feeling slow about acquiring it this time because it took us this long to decide to order a new lap top (and it took a LOT of pushing and prodding from me. I’m pushy and proddy).

I’ve spent the last two and a half months growing ideas for this blog and missing it so badly I could feel it. I like to write here. And share here. Regardless of who is or is not reading. Writing here makes me feel good and I was sorry that my ideas were jostling around in my head wishing for an outlet.

This comes, of course, on the heels of having just finished a site redesign that I like a lot and that, I think, finally manages to define what I want to write about. It killed me to have sit around with all my ideas waiting for a place to go.

So, I know there’s this huge debate about whether or not you’re supposed to address a prolonged absence on your blog. Apparently addressing it is really narcissistic, but if you and I were meeting for coffee and suddenly you stopped for 2.5 months, I’d want to know where you’d gone. What you’d done in the meantime. I’d miss you. So, there you go. I couldn’t handle Big Daddy’s dumb stability ball or natural keyboard. Now, I can sit on the couch and have a normal keyboard.

I missed you all!

I’m back!

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