May 31, 2013

First Day, Last Day

So fast.  So many months in just a blink.  It seems that fast, doesn’t it?  Wasn’t it just the end of August?  Weren’t we just picking first day outfits and fretting about full days of Kindergarten and first days of Preschool?  Wasn’t I just remembering with horror the things I remembered my seventh grade classmates doing?

The days are long but the years are short.  A truer phrase never spoken.

This year has been a little hard on me.  Not because of the growing, though the growing is always hard for me.  I love right now so very much that I’m sad to see it pass on to something else (even though I know I’ll love that too). There have been times this school year, where my confidence and feelings of security have been rocked.  Is that true about you, too?  It’s been hard to come face to face with the idea that there’s just no real guarantee that you’ll get them off the bus after the school day is over.  The little faces of the children who can’t ever return home stay burned in my psyche in some way and I don’t think I’ll ever “be over” what has happened.  I’m sad that school feels a little less safe to me now, but I hope it doesn’t feel that way to my girls.  I hope they always feel security and love when they walk through those doors.

Baby Bee has grown so much.  Transitioning to school was hard for her.  She’s never had to do anything alone.  I wish you could know her in September to see how much she’s changed. Not just in inches and pounds, but in actions and speech.  I wish you could hear her elaborate imaginings.  Baby Bee has learned to be confident on her own this year.  She needs us all just a little less (but she still needs us.  “You sleep with me?”)

Littlebit has grown too.  At this year’s IEP meeting, her speech therapist said he’d no longer pick her up for services if she was a new student.  She’s nearly all caught up.    There is something sweet about the discontinuation of services.  It makes you want to fist pump.  It feels good to have those fears eased.  Littlebit is  the happiest child I’ve ever met.  Really.  Everyone says so.  Even people who don’t love her like we do.  And I’m so glad her kindergarten year was just the one she needed.

And, of course, our Princess grows too.  Not as fast as her sisters now.  Her inches creep on slowly.  It hasn’t always been sunshine and roses for our girl this year, but she’s learned a lot, I think.  Things that will carry her through the years.  How to work hard to achieve something.  She’s learned a valuable lesson about learning how to deal with difficult people and how to be mature when friendships disolve.

It’s been a great year and now my girls, my babies are in their second year of preschool, first grade and eighth grade (!).  The days are long, but the years are so, so short.

Look at Baby Bee with her hand in the air, victorious.  Big Daddy pointed out today that she has her head down less.  Baby Bee is confident now, ya’ll.  Watch out!

Happy summer, lovelies.



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