May 13, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

I hope you all had a lovely Mother’s Day. I know it can be a difficult day. It is for me, sometimes. I’m so thankful and glad to be a mother, but the mothers in my life are missing and that’s not always easy. I know for some friends that the path to motherhood has been so hard or still not realized and it’s heartbreaking.

It’s cooled off here in Ohio. At least in our part. We’ve been hoovering near eighty degrees for the most part of the past few weeks and now we’re seeing 500 degree temperatures. What gives? That’s okay. It gives me a little room to eat up a few of those cold weather things I’ve been holding on to but haven’t felt like eating because it’s been warm. And, I have to move fast. It will be 80 again on Wednesday. I know my friends in the upper Midwest haven’t had a great spring, but ours has been fantastic.

Monday– Slow cooked corned beef brisket with potatoes and carrots and the dear, dear hope that they’ll be enough leftover for has on Tuesday morning. Because there is nothing NOTHING like making your own left over corned beef hash. NOTHING.

TuesdayChicken and Potatoes Oregano

Wednesday Grilled Chicken with lime and  cilantro with grilled veggies

Thursday  Chicken Stir Fry (a great way to use up LOTS of veggies with dinner!)

Friday Date night.  Oh, Auntie Awesome, how we LOVE date night

Saturday The Princess is having a sleep over.  I found a recipe for knock off deep dish Chicago pizza I may try.  There was just a school trip to Chicago (the Princess skipped due to her allergy, but not next time!) and I want to put our favorite pizza up against what they may have ate when they were there.

Sunday Everything permitting, I hope Big Daddy will smoke chicken.  Big Daddy’s smoked chicken is really the next best thing to heaven. I think anyone who has tasted it will agree.


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