May 29, 2013

Oral Immunotherapy-aka Peanut Densistization

Big Daddy and the Princess drove to Toledo last week for our first visit with Dr. Winder. Dr. Winder runs the allergy clinic that will be handling the Princess’s Oral Immunotherpay (hereby known as OIT). Here’s what we know now:

1) The Princess has had blood work done locally. As soon as Dr. Winder’s office gets her results AND her previous records from our IL and hopefully MI allergist, we’ll get a call to set up OIT

2) It is possibly (but not really likely) that the Princess won’t qualify because she’s not “allergic” enough. The blood work will give us those answers.

3) If the Princess qualifies based on her blood work (meaning Dr. Winder believes she’s allergic enough to NEED OIT) we will set up an appointment. At the Princess’s first appointment, she will be dosed with .25mg of peanut flour. The dose will be increased over the course of the appointment until either the Princess doesn’t want to do anymore OR she has a reaction. There are 16 doses given in the OIT process.

4) Once the Princess’s dose is determined, she’ll come home and take that dose twice a day for two weeks. She must take the doses no sooner than nine hours apart and no later than 15 hours apart. She may not sleep for an hour after dosing. After the week is up, she’ll return to Dr. Winder and start step 3 again (updosing until she requests to stop or she has a reaction).

5) If the Princess’s blood work doesn’t show an allergy that would make her eligible for OIT, she has a few other options including a food challenge in the office to asses her allergy.

6) If the Princess can make it through all 16 doses, the doctor would question whether or not she had an allergy (I don’t know what that means because we have blood work saying yes. Yes she does).

That’s where we stand right now. I’ll be sure to continue to update you all on the process.

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