May 28, 2013

Summer Planning: Crafts

One of my favorite thing about having a house full of girls is that I always have a crafty buddy willing to play with some glitter and other goodies.*  Craft projects are usually a pretty peaceful experience here.  Not always, of course.  Usually.

Last summer, I bought a shrink plastic kit at Joann’s.  I pulled it out towards the end of the summer and the Princess and Littlebit played with that thing in peace for two days.


Here’s some of the craft projects that will be hitting our summer fun jar.

1) Tie-Dye!!  We’ve done this project more than once and it’s always a favorite.  It doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated.  I buy the tulip kits at the craft store and let the girls go to town.

2)Cheap Bead Suncatchers--inexpensive and sure to be pretty on the porch.

3)To use up the beads, we’ll make melted bead accessories. These look so cute and while the Princess may be a little old for the hair clips, we can make locker magnets for her.

4)Stuffed animals sleeping bags and no sew pillows

5) Littlest Pet Shop mini houses out of Altoid tins. Another one the Princess is on the boarderline of being too old for, but thankfully, she still enjoys small things like this.

6) Salt, watercolor and glue paintings

7) Making and using our own sidewalk chalk paint (we have a nice, big blacktop driveway, so this should be super fun!)

I’m also considering teaching my two big girls to sew, knit or crochet. I think sewing has the more practical application, but I’m not sure.

Got any fun arts and crafts you can’t wait to do with your kids this summer? Share them!

*Please note, I know that girls aren’t the only crafty people and not all girls are crafty.  This is just the situation in my house, so don’t accuse me of being insensitive or narrow.  I’m not

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