May 18, 2013

Summer Planning

I know this is going to sound a little crazy and a little Type-A (or maybe a lot crazy and lot Type-A). I have definitely had summers where I felt like we just didn’t DO anything.  I’m sure we did SOMETHING.  In fact, I KNOW we did something, but it felt like I missed a lot of opportunities.

I’ve tried to be loosey goosey with our summer plans and I’ve tried being more structured and neither of things seemed to work.  Being too loose with our plans leaves us with too many missed opportunities and being too structured makes the fun like work.  And, who wants that?  Not me.   This summer, I knew I needed to settle some place in the middle.  I needed a rough plan, but nothing too set in stone, especially considering the amount of time we’re hoping to spend on the road for the Princess’s Oral Immunotherapy.

Last year, I pinned an idea that I think will give me the best of both worlds; a plan without too much structure.  Just what I like.

I’ve decided to have 5 jars with the following labels: places, crafts, events, activities and extra. The extra jar will be carry over if we’re looking for something to do if we’ve pulled from each jar already that week and to cover some fun that doesn’t fit in any of the other categories. I’ll be sharing some ideas that I’ll be using to fill our jar over the next couple of weeks PLUS my summer daily routine (read: how to get the chores AND the fun in).

Only 8 more days of school.

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