May 9, 2013

Windex and Carpet Stains.

I make no secret that I turn to Pinterest for a lot of things. For years, I used stumble upon and book marks for organizing all the great ideas I found on the web, but it really wasn’t efficient. Now, I use my categorized Pinterest boards. There’s never a lack of inspiration or ideas.

Sometimes, I’m a bit skeptical about a pin and I have been disappointed by recipes (and leave honest feedback when I repin them as to-done), but there have been a few cleaning ideas that I’ve been eying for a while with some obvious distrust. Could they really make that big of a difference? Could it be that easy?

Two years ago, we removed the carpet from our downstairs. It was a happy, happy day. However, the upstairs? Still carpeted. And, not only carpet, but carpeted in a very very light beige. I’m not going to kid you, the carpet looks gross. I have two different carpet cleaners (a spot bot and a hoover upright) and the best carpet shampooer I could find, but they only work okay and I can’t afford the professional Sarasota carpet cleaners to dry clean the carpets as much as I would like them to be.

To make all this better, last week Baby Bee dumped a cup of Yoohoo! on my bedroom carpet. I didn’t catch it quickly and now I have a stain. I debated on pulling out the spot bot and letting it have at it, but I thought there wouldn’t be a better time to try a frequently repinned Pinterest tip; an iron and Windex.

The premise seems easy. Mix ammonia and water (OR simply use Windex in clear or yellow preferably). Saturate the carpet. Lay down a rag and iron the carpet at high cotton setting for ten second increments. Apparently, this will absorb the stain.

But would it?

Here are my shameful Yoohoo! stains.

Isn’t Baby Bee lucky she’s so cute?

I decided to try a test first.  I saturated the smaller spot with water.

And to my actual surprise, most the stain lifted out with just blotting.

Just a slight brown aura, don’t you think?  The other stain, however, was large, dark and in charge.  I opted to try just using Windex on it without the iron.

A lot of the stain lifted off.  Probably, the debris.  But, there was still a pretty large brown stain on the carpet, so I re-saturated the area with Windex, laid down my cloth and pulled out my iron.  While ironing, I wondered if it was smart to iron an ammonia solution, but I didn’t pass out so it’s at least safe enough to not asphyxiate you.  And the verdict?

Holy cats!  It worked!  Since I could see a blue haze around the stain from the windex, I opted to put some water on the carpet and mop it up.  Blue haze all gone.  Then I opted to try this on an older, fainter stain.

I am not punking you. There’s a stain there.

And, et voila! No stain!

So, armed with this handy knowledge, I gathered up my supplies and decided to tackle a mystery stain in the playroom.  I had a lot of options, but picked one close to a plug for the iron.

I cannot begin to even guess at what this may be. Besides gross, that is.

This was definitely something old on the carpet. After one application and ironing, there was still some stain left.

But, I reapplied the Windex and gave it another cycle with the iron and…

Holy cats!  The stain is gone!

Because I’m such a good blogger and I want to give you the REAL DEAL, I had one more stain mind.  It’s fruit punch.  In a nauseating shade of red.  I saved you the pain of scrolling.  The original stain is on the left.  The first application is top right and the bottom was when I gave up after four applications.

So, it’s no real miracle formula.  That fruit punch stain was quite old, however, and it lifted it off with much better results than I would have guessed.  Here’s the good new, Windex is a lot cheaper than Spot Shot and resolve and I think you’ll at least get similar results with less money and equal work.  Actually, in considering this fruit punch stain, I think it came out better than I would expect with the Spot Bot or the Hoover Upright cleaner and that took a lot less work and a lot less money.

Oh, and the blue Windex did leave a bit of a blue haze on the carpet around the stain.  I’m not bothered as I think it can be rinsed out (and it has rinsed out), but if you’re really paranoid about that (or if you’re in a rental OR if you want to preserve your carpets and not just clean them so you’re not embarrassed while waiting for new flooring to appear in the budget) be sure to buy the clear.  Happy cleaning and good luck!

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