May 27, 2013

ZOMG! It’s the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!!!!!!111!–and the menu plan

Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls!

We have three days left of school!

It would now be appropriate for everyone to do the Charlie Brown dance because it’s almost summer. It’s almost summer.

This past weekend, our town had the annual street fair.

We ventured down with the girls on Saturday afternoon and it was perfect.

It was a nice way to kick off the impending summer.

I have something big planned for the girls on Friday to ring in our summer, but we have a few more days and school nights to get through before that. I can hardly believe that I will have a first grader and eighth grader in just a few days. Time goes so fast.

But, we still have to eat so here’s the menu plan.

Monday Guinness boiled brats, watermelon and corn

Tuesday Gnocchi with summer veggies

Wednesday BBQ Chicken Salad (a carry over from a few weeks ago

Thursday Grilled hamburgers and Thug Kitchen’s potato salad

Friday Bubble up pizza


Saturday and Sunday are TBD.

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