June 10, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

I have no exciting title for this week’s menu plan. We’re slowly settling into summer here with late nights and late mornings. Dinner seems to happen later, as the sun is going down.  It’s funny how quickly we settle into summer again after a long school year.  It’s like we never left.


We’ve had some fun this week, of course,   We started off the week bowling.  The girlies had a sleepover with Auntie Awesome.  We microwaved ivory soap (and the girls used it to make it snow).   We also hit the local flea market where the order of the day seemed to be buying produce including rainer cherries which are my absolute favorite.

It was a good first week and we’re looking forward to more fun.  The girls are really excited about the things we’re planning on doing this summer.

For now, because we’re eating later I’m focusing on quick dinners that we can throw together after a busy day of fun.

Monday Gnocchi with summer vegatables

Tuesday Herb Crusted chicken with orzo

Wednesday Spiedini of Chicken and Zucchini with Salsa Verde

Thursday Steak Salad–this is a bit of a local thing.  It’s grilled steak (and I’ll probably do some mushrooms and onions too) served hot on top of a salad.  With french fries.  The french fries go on the salad and the salad dressing goes on top.  It’s delicious!

Friday I’ve been promising bubble up pizza and should probably make good on that soon.


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