Summer Planning: Events

If you’re not living at my house, you might not know that nearly everything is an event. Poor Big Daddy. All four of us girls tend to be a little bit dramatic. There’s down sides to that, of course, but the upside is that with a little bit of enthusiasm, we can take a normal day up to EVENT STATUS, YO!

Here’s what’s getting event status around here this summer.

1)A Nature Scavenger Hunt!

2) Night bowling

3) Backyard Campout!


4) Video Game Geek Cave Day (that means, we play a video game until Big Daddy asks us what the heck we’re doing and don’t we want to get dressed or something?)

5) PJs and movies day

6) Make and install a permanent hopscotch

7)Water Blob Day!

I’ll be adding some more events into the fun. Are there any big to-dos you’re planning this summer?